My First Blog!

Hi everyone and welcome to my first ever blog! Here's a picture of me at the Event Acceleration Masterclass 3-day conference that the wonderful Mr Dean Carby and his Team put together in 2019.

I chose this photo because it genuinely captures the essence of who I am as a person and a planner. So, just to give you all some background on what this blog is going to be about - I just started my own business. YES, my heart is racing too. I tell you what, let's begin shall we?

LISTEN, if anyone ever says to you "Just start your own business, it's easy, all you have to do is register on Companies House or with HMRC and BAM done", please laugh at them and leave. Starting your own business is HARD. You not only need passion, determination, drive and experience - you need the technical knowledge that comes alongside all of that.

I knew a little but not much about the tax differences, implications and what have you between having your own LTD and a sole trader business. I'll be careful not to say 'company' here as I remember one of my good friends who I call 'The Grant' told me off one day for thinking the terms 'business' and 'company' were interchangeable. So there's a fun fact for you there!

Last year, October 2019 I left my job (as I mention in the 'About Me' section on my website - please read through it's cute lol) and to be honest the whole shabang was a tad out of the blue. I'd reached a point where I had decided that enough was enough and following my passion and dreams superceded any desire I had to become CEO of someone else's company. Although being honest, if someone offered it to me I don't think I'd say no haha. Anyway, I left and hit the ground running. I had already got loads of wedding management and coordination, planning experience and it was all GO GO GO on my Instagram.

Then, I hit a wall. BAM!

When it's just you and yourself you can lean on your loved ones but ultimately all responsibility lies with you. You need to get out of bed in the morning, you need to keep yourself motivated, you need to get your name out there and YOU need to get clients. This doesn't just happen because you've got a cute name and an eye catching logo (laughing to myself because I did all of those things). You need knowledge, people you trust and most importantly to be confident in yourself and what you are capable of.


It's hard, it's financially uncertain and it's definitely an emotional cocktail but honey, once you do it you will feel freedom. Especially with everything that is happening right now, work is very uncertain but I'm glad I did this. I have grown, I have matured and I have 100% changed my outlook on life and what's most important to me for my future.

Get in touch if you would like to talk about anything - the entrepreneurial community can be a scary place but let's change that ish.

Think of me for your next event, ok?

Stay safe, stay strong and stay YOU.


Indi x

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