Stop Giving Up!

Updated: May 16, 2020

Hey everyone! I hope you're having a wonderful week so far, and of course, staying safe! Make sure you have a notepad next to you (you might need it), a glass of whatever tickles your fancy and a smile. SO, let's dive straight in and get to what this blog be about... stop giving up!

I went running a few days ago (because this lock down has apparently turned me into a less fit, slower Kelly Holmes) and I got to a slight gradient. Now when I say slight, I actually mean it was probably about a 5/6 on a treadmill (any gym buffs out there will get what I mean. I only know this because I've been to a gym once). I'd already been running for about 20 minutes or so and when things started to get really hard I heard my brain going, "Hey, Indi... let's relax we can't do this it's too hard babe." Normally, I would walk the rest of the way and then say don't worry I'm seeing bae later (Joe Wicks... am I right? hehe) so I can work off the rest of what I didn't work out right now. Are you still following? Great, let's go on. But this time was different. All of a sudden I heard myself shout out in the middle of the road, "Indi STOP GIVING UP! You always do this, just go for it, you can do it!" Wow, what a release.

Now, before anyone takes this as legal tender and starts shouting at themselves in the middle of the street I am not saying to do that (still laughing!). However, what I am saying is that those words came about 5 years later than they should have, but nonetheless I am grateful they did.

Imagine, I got called 'inspirational' by two people this week. I have no idea why, but the compliment was lovely to hear. I think I felt a bit weird being called inspirational because really it has taken me years to find my passion in life and sometimes takes more than a day to start on achieving goals. Setting up my own business, getting fit, eating healthily - these are all changes that did not happen overnight. Over 26 years, yes. However, sometimes it's the hurdles we face and how we jump over, climb over or use a step ladder to leap over them that make us better people, better at what we do, more understanding and more resilient.

Giving up comes so easily to probably around 99.9% (not accurate figure, please do not reference) of people but honestly, we have to stop putting down the pens that write our life stories when things get tough. We have to finish the book! (This is probably a terrible analogy and so so so cliché but in the words of Joey Tribbiani.. "I like it!")

I have no real regrets, but I do wish I had stopped giving up a long time ago.

Now, this is where your paper and pen will come in handy. I want you to write down all of the things, every single thing that you want to achieve in life. And, please, don't think any of your goals are silly. I have heard that word tossed around way too much recently because the world thinks that dreams have to be big. They (clap). Do (clap). Not (clap). Clap. If you want to be able to ride a unicycle, if you want to have a Bentley or if you want to clean your bathroom - write it down.

Then, come away from your list for 30 minutes and go back to it. In the same place. Write down everything you think holds you back from achieving your dreams.

Then write a list of solutions.

Then write down what holds you back again.

If you start to see that this is more about you not believing in yourself than any other external factors, my friend we have made progress. I'm not a high flyer at the moment, but I am telling you from personal experience that believing you can and will achieve is so important. Don't measure yourself by others success, celebrate it with them! Don't be disheartened, learn from them. Most importantly, don't be afraid of failure. It teaches us. Once we give up on one thing, it turns into a spiral of giving up all over the place. That's why I put the dominoes as the picture for this post. It is a complete domino effect and trust when you are told it is not a nice place to be in. It's time to make like that hand and break the chain!

Google things, read books, speak to others, connect with professionals or whatever it is you need to do (as long as it's legal and moral please kids) just do it!

I realise this week's post seems a little more solemn than previous, but I thought it very important to share this moment with you all because I think they are more people than me who need to hear this. Also, don't worry I'm not about to turn into a self-help guru or anything, I do wish more people in the world would share their experiences if they feel they could help others achieve their goals.

Let me know if this article has helped you and please - don't. Wait, I just called this an article like I'm an author (laughing again). Sorry, let me know if this blog post (well done Indi) has helped you and if you would like to chat about anything - give me a call or an email.

Also, just a cheeky hint at next week's blog post...

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Till next week everyone! Take care, stay safe, show love to all and most importantly ...


p.s. start working on your list of achievements and let me know how you get on!


Indi x

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