What ...I Do (Get, it?)

So, I'm sitting here with a little glass of vino, and thinking about what I should write for my next blog. I've found it. The FOB/G, the Big Daddy, the OG, my Dad and his reaction to my brother's wedding.

Just for fun, here's a little background on my father. I remember (this actually happened my friends can vouch for it) I sent my dad a message because were in the office and talking about how precious the bond between a father and his kids is. This is how the conversation went... Me: Alright Dad?

Dad: Yeah what's up doll?

Me: Nothing really! Just talking about fathers in the office.

Dad: Have you found yours yet?

Aaaaand well, that was the end of the conversation. He brings so much light to my life it's incredible.

My middle brother got married last year and wow. When my dad heard about my brother getting engaged, he was so far over the moon I'm telling y'all he was in the sun's personal space. When it came to speeches (any of you who were there and are reading this please keep it together because I am LAUGHING), Dad was legendary. He kind of, winged it to be honest but my goodness he flew. Do you get it? Winged... flew?

Yeah alright at least I'm good at planning weddings, eh?

Anyway, the whole point that I'm trying to come to is if you had seen my dad brimming with pride at my brother's wedding and thereafter... you would understand so deeply why I love what I do and why here at 'Events by India Jane' my heart and soul goes into every wedding, every event. He couldn't stop talking about the food, the music, the vibe and the location, gorgeous.

This is your big day, this is your event, this is your time and this is your legacy.

'A day to remember' is what your loved ones will think when the day is done. I wish to create that feeling for all of my clients and their closest family and friends. I strive to achieve it. I will make it happen, we will make it happen.

Happiness is created in small moments, and in big ones. Memories are made and time stopped. Give me call, and let's make it happen for you.

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